At times it seems that my personal and professional life has become Norman Corwin-centric. That is understandable since I just completed three days at the Friends of Old Time Radio Convention in Newark, NJ, selling my “Poet Laureate of Radio” DVD and striking up conversations with interested fans.

Plus I went to the studios of WOR AM-710 in New York City to appear on “The Joey Reynolds Show” where I spoke about Corwin and my effort to get him recognized with the Congressional Gold Medal and/or the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

And if that wasn’t enough, a few days ago I spoke at King’s College in Wilkes Barre, PA, presenting for an hour about Norman Corwin. Finally, in my idle time, I have been reading “Norman Corwin’s One World Flight” which was just published last month!

The thing is, I have yet to get tired of reading and discussing Norman Corwin and his works. So if you invite me to a dinner party you have a darn good idea about what I’ll be blathering on about! And yet, with all my knowledge and reverence for the man, I sometimes feel ill-equipped to spread the word in a way that makes a lasting impression. Everyone’s attention span is so short these days and I feel that the tiny window I have to impress upon someone my admiration of Corwin and to inspire them to look him up is just not enough. Now the students whom I spoke to at King’s College were and attentive and intelligent lot. I had the luxury of an hour or so to drawn them into my Corwin world.

I’m very excited about the prospects for a mutlti-CD retrospective of Corwin’s works from Radio Spirits. They did a superb job with their recent Arch Oboler Retrospective! Plus, Radio Spirits put out a 2010 calendar featuring Norman Corwin as the photo for May (the month in which he will celebrate his 100th birthday). In fact, the countdown to his birthday on May 3rd will likely only make my life even more Corwin-centric!

Add this: I almost forgot, but in January both Norman and I will be interviewed by German journalist Christian Blees for an audio documentary to air on German NPR. The old time radio convention held every June in Seattle (REPS) has invited me to be on a Norman Corwin panel and even direct a live Corwin radio show recreation! And I’m certain my life-with-Norman Corwin will not end there.

I have faxed my senators, congressional representative and the President regarding my effort to have Norman Corwin recogized by our nation in 2010. So far, the plea has fallen on deaf ears. After this vacation I must buckle down and keep hammering home my arguments on Corwin’s behalf. It is high time that he be rescued from obscurity and be once again held in high esteem by this nation!

Now that I’ve gotten all of that off my chest, I can sit, relax and ponder… what shows should be included in the Radio Spirits box set?

My mind always comes back to Norman Corwin.

I’m just saying…