I love the holiday season and enjoy Christmas very much. Lately, however, my thoughts turn from holiday cheer to a seemingly annual appraisal of my Year in Review. Perhaps it’s a product of growing older, as if I suddenly realized that I only have so many years left to review…

The Mike Kacey Year in Review torment I put myself through is now joined by the forward-looking project of… Tax Preparation. Before sugar plums even have a chance to dance in my head, I find receipts and deadlines swirling about instead! I remember a time when I never thought about taxes until March or so. Now it completes with Saint Nick. Ah, but life was simpler then. Those were the days before marriage, fatherhood, property and investments. Back then I never did a Year in Review, either. Forward was the only direction that mattered and time was on my side.

For me, the self-inflicted Year in Review assessment always leans on the side of what wasn’t accomplished as opposed to those things that were accomplished. That isn’t fair and balanced! But as I get older the years rush past with alarming speed and my focus comes to rest on only those things yet to be accomplished. Will 2010 be the year I finally am able to make my next film? Of will I be wishing that goal for 2011 in another twelve months?

You see what I mean? A person could get lost in such thoughts.

So, I am now making a vow to let go of “things not yet accomplished,” if only through Christmas and New Year! I will now use this time, the Holiday Season, to celebrate the life I have attained up to this very moment. My family and friends are to be loved and enjoyed; my successful accomplishments are to be dutifully acknowledged and even savored! I may even look back on the long road I have traveled to get to this point. I will allow myself the pride and joy that is mine for the life I have lived and created.

I will set goals for 2010. I will organize my receipts for taxes. But not today.

I’m just saying…