Time is a concept that the mind treats with remarkable elasticity. Sometimes the span of ten years seems like an eternity. “Have I really been working here for ten years? Will I still be here in another ten years doing the same thing?” Other times it can be perceived as alarmingly short: “You mean I’ll be retiring in ten more years? I don’t have nearly enough money saved!” There are even moments when time can stand still.

And, depending on how we feel today, life zooms past us in a blur or crawls alongside at a slug’s pace. In reality, of course, time is a constant; it neither respects our feelings nor notices our anxiety level.

So intellectually, we know that everything is changing in our life, even when we feel like we’re standing still. Relationships and friendships grow stronger or they recede like waves at low tide. Dreams and goals change, too. We begin life with endless possibilities and limitless time to fulfill them.

The creative soul sets their sights on a single goal, one that will make their dream a reality. It may be to become a successful actor or writer, a painter, poet or songwriter. We find the passion that makes us who we are and strive to become an idealized version of ourselves. So far, so good.

At the beginning of the journey the horizon stretches to infinity. A bright sun bathes a tree-lined path that is wide and clearly marked. As time progresses, the path grows bumpy and encroaching woods begin to close in and even obscure the path. Before long you find yourself deep in the thickets, far from where you began and equally as far from your destination. The forest grows so thick as to blot out the brilliant sun that illuminated your way for so long. Which way now? Take the shortcut to Grandma’s House perhaps?

The trail coils, straightens out, branches into different directions. We make choices based only upon the facts known to us at that moment. The compass is true or it is not. This will certainly lead us to new destinations, far from where we had dreamed of going back when we first set out.

Our goals change and our dreams should change, too. With time most of us grow older and wiser. (Some just grow older and ponder endlessly in their blogs, but I digress…) We take the well-earned wisdom of our experience and adjust our course accordingly.

Remember this: Dare to dream. Dare to live the dream. And, if need be, dare to change the dream, too!

I’m just saying…