I certainly have been busy lately and that’s a good thing. The creative life is often like that. Spells of seemingly eternal drought wherein nothing seems to be progressing, to full-tilt can’t-pause-for-a-moment-to-breathe velocity.

Firstly, my latest book as just been published by BearManor Media. “Memos to a New Millennium: The Final Radio Plays of Norman Corwin” is, of course, by Norman Corwin, but as the book editor, I actually typed each and every word of that entire manuscript. Additionally, I wrote new material commenting as needed throughout the book. Plus, having William Shatner write the foreword to the book was an added thrill.

Of course, my documentary film “Radio Changed America” still obsesses me as I try to will it into existence. It will feature Norman Corwin in both interview and subject matter, of course.

And then there is a brand new radio series that I am writing and hosting called “Corwin on the Air” which aims to be ready for syndication in the coming months. My goal is to introduce contemporary audiences to the great radio works of Norman Corwin by providing the proper context needed for the listener to relate to each week’s play. It will be a tall order and likely one that will keep me up late at nights writing and rewriting my intros. Yet, I welcome it!

So this brings me to my next public appearance / performance at the 2012 Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound (REPS) Showcase. Held each year at the Coast Bellevue Hotel in Belleville, WA (part of the greater Seattle area), this wonderful tribute to the golden days of Old Time Radio provides me the opportunity to watch, act in, and direct recreations of those great shows from the past. The thrill of seeing and meeting many of the performers from those actual days of network radio is quite gratifying for a long-time OTR lover like me. This year I will be directing a episode from the series “Night Beat” about a newspaper reporter who finds his human interest stories in the dead of night, and, as a tribute to the late Norman Corwin, I will be directing one of his plays called “Descent of the Gods” which relates the tale of the time Venus, and then Mars and Apollo each decided to visit Earth to check on the state of modern man. Corwin’s humor-filled script also contains some very pointed observations that linger a while after the show is finished. This will happen at REPS June 22-24, 2012.

So, you see, the old creative machinery is revving up and I couldn’t be happier! Plus – this is to say nothing about the super-secret film project I have recently decided to create in my spare time! Hey, insanity is just a state of mind . . .

I’m just saying…