I’ve always loved to draw and it’s something that I’ve slowly gotten away from doing. I don’t even doodle anymore. However, at one time I seriously flirted with the idea of become a cartoonist.
As a kid I had created a daily comic strip and drew it for no one but myself. Then I dabbled in comic book story length misadventures in high school by taking my Speech Communications class (and classmates) and re-imagining them into the world of Star Trek. It was called Speech Trek. I shared this one with others. Even when I joined the Army, people found it funny and so I was compelled to keep writing and drawing it from 1979 to 1994. The saga consisted of over 600 pages of multi-paneled images! In retrospect, it had a lot to do with my writing and filmmaking skills.
In the Army I drew a monthly strip for The Torii Typhoon, the post newspaper. In college I invented a strip for the Theater Department newsletter called Actor From Hell. A scathing satire on the egocentric actor and quirks of acting classes, I later tried to find a publisher in the trade magazines but sense that it was deemed a bit too mean by its nature.
Eventually I did find success in nationally published magazines, but concluded that the combination of my skill, rate of production, and lack of appreciable remuneration, all persuaded me to retire the pen and paper professionally.
This is the last in my series of blogs starting with the words: “My Life As…” There could be more if I ever do other things, I guess… Maybe I should think about that, huh? Or not…
I’m just saying…