New Website Launches

Hooray! After quite some time we have now successfully re-launched my website. It’s hard to define what will go on here. After all, there is Facebook and Twitter and Google and so many venues to communicate, express and ultimately, self-publish. This website is a catchall for things that I’d like to share with you or just talk about. We’ve moved my blog, “I’m Just Saying…” here after 75 issues over five years posted on All new blogs entries will appear solely on this website.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see my baby pictures on this website, most everything else is fair game! Cartoons, audio clips from my days in radio, acting, directing, writing, photos and such, along with any public speaking engagements that happen to come my way. I’ll also keep you updated on my upcoming projects and adventures in the entertainment industry. There is always something brewing on the horizon. I’ll be sharing more later…

Thanks for visiting the new website.