New Title for my documentary: HEARING VOICES plus Fiscal Sponsorship!

I’m  unveiling a new title for my in-production documentary feature film about the history and power of radio: HEARING VOICES: How Radio Changed America & America Changed Radio.  Title changes are nothing new for most film projects, especially early on. As the film is developed and refined, a new title can more accurately convey the essence of the project. I believe this new title does just that.

In even bigger news, the International Documentary Association (IDA) has become our fiscal sponsor.

That means, dear friends, that any and all money donated to my film project will be a tax deduction since the IDA is a 501(3)(c). For a documentary filmmaker like myself, this is pure gold. You give, you get! Investment in a film is always a gamble, plain and simple; but a tax-deductible donation is guaranteed value in return, PLUS you get to be a part of making this film happen. Needless to say, please check it out here!